Sunday, August 9, 2015

How to Play Videos on your Pi

In this tutorial, we will be using OMXplayer to play videos on the Raspberry Pi.

Time: Less than 5 minutes.
Difficulty: Medium

To do this, we will be using a feature of Raspbian that allows you to play videos from the command line. I use this feature often at trade shows where we need our video to play on a loop.

  1. To start, you will need to get a video to play. I have only tested this method with .MP4 videos but it should work fine with most video formats.
  2. Find the file path to your video and save it for later. This is easy to do, just open up the file manager and navigate to your file, then right click it and select "Copy Path(s)".
  3. Open up the terminal and type "sudo nano /home/pi/".
  4. Insert the following command, "omxplayer -o hdmi (Paste the path to your video here)".
  5. Exit the Nano editor and try running the script. It should play your video.
  6. This method is not intended for playing all your videos, it's best for just playing one.

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